Counter Surveillance Equipment

We have put together a comprehensive lists of most effective counter surveillance equipment for you to choose from to help you stay protected and informed. With the increasing prevalence of surveillance technologies, it’s more important than ever to understand how to protect your privacy and maintain your security. From the best hidden camera detectors to best listening device detector we’ve got you covered.

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Different types of Spy Devices and how to Counter them

CCTV/ Hidden Camera

Closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) or hidden camera are commonly used for surveillance in public spaces, offices, and homes. They can be disguised in various ways, such as as smoke detectors, light fixtures, or even stuffed animals.

How to detect hidden camera

Use Anti-Surveillance Technology –  There are several types of anti-surveillance technology available that can help protect your privacy. One of the most effective way to detect hidden camera is Wi-Fi or internet signal detectors. We offer a cheap all-in-one tool that can detect various outgoing signals from these spy devices

Use a flashlight: Shine a flashlight around the room and look for reflections that could be coming from a hidden camera lens. However this does not work with most modern hidden camera.

Check for wires: Hidden cameras usually require some kind of power source, so check for wires that could lead to an outlet or battery pack. Though this would not work on temporary wireless hidden camera.

GPS Trackers

GPS tracking devices are used to track the location of vehicles, people, and even pets. They can be hidden in vehicles, clothing, or even implanted under the skin. Commonly used by stalkers, although it can be used by fleet trackers as well which is a white-hat way of using GPS trackers.

How to find a GPS tracker on your car or yourself

Use a GPS tracker detector: You can purchase a GPS tracker detector, which can detect the signal from GPS trackers within a certain range. These detectors can be found online or at spy shops such as ours. Our NO-BUG is one of cheapest way to detect all signals emitting device as most spy tools need to send signals somewhere else.

Use a GPS jammer: GPS jammers emit a signal that disrupts the GPS signal, making it difficult for a GPS tracker to transmit its location. However, using a GPS jammer in public is illegal in many countries, so be sure to check your local laws before using one. 

Check for unfamiliar devices: If you suspect someone is tracking you, check your vehicle or personal belongings for any unfamiliar devices. GPS trackers are often small and discreet, so they can be hidden in inconspicuous places such as under the dashboard of a car or in a backpack.

Listening Device

Audio surveillance devices or listening devices are used to listen in on conversations. They can be disguised as everyday objects like pens, watches, or even USB drives. With its small form factor and it being audio-only devices, it’s one of hardest spy device to search for as most modern listening devices are wireless and have long battery life. Thus it’s more effective to use special tools to detect or block out listening device completely.

How to block out listening devices

Use Spy Device Detector: There are counter surveillance equipment that can detect various spy devices, such as our NO-BUG. It’s commonly the cheapest anti-spy tool available and affordable way for households to protect themselves from listening devices. 

Use Signal Jammers: Signal jammers can be used to block the signals of listening devices. They work by emitting a high-frequency noise that disrupts the signals of listening devices.