Spy Pen | Pocket Spy Camera

Spy Pen | Pocket Spy Camera

Spy Pen | Pocket Spy Camera

Original price was: $61.25.Current price is: $49.00.

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Spy Pen | Pocket Spy Camera

  • Hidden Camera perfectly Disguised as Pocket Pen
  • HD Crystal Clear 1080P Recording Quality
  • Long 5.5 hours Battery Life

Original price was: $61.25.Current price is: $49.00.

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(1 customer review)


Perfect Disguised Spy Pen Camera – SpyPen

Imagine having a spy tool right in your pocket – our Spy Pen Camera is your secret agent companion, perfectly disguised as an everyday pen. It’s like having a hidden camera in plain sight!

This compact pen captures high-quality HD video, blending into your routine effortlessly. It keeps recording even while it’s charging! So you’re always ready for action without missing a beat.


  • Sneaky Pen Design: Looks just like a regular pen for super stealthy carry.
  • High-Quality HD Recording: Capture Full 1080HD video without raising suspicions.
  • Compact and Portable: Ideal for on-the-go secret spy missions.
  • Clear as Day Video: Anti-dust lens design for consistently sharp footage.
  • Record and Recharge: Continuous recording, even during charging.
  • Easy Data Transfer: Swiftly move footage with a high-speed USB connection.
  • More Space, More Secrets: Built-in 32GB memory card included.
  • Instant Replay: Connect to your TV for on-the-spot playback.
  • Power Packed: Whopping 5.5-hour battery life for extended spying sessions.

Spy Pen Features

Highest Quality Spy Pen

Switch effortlessly between clear 1080P and good-quality 720p video with just a tap. Transferring recordings is a breeze with the high-speed USB connection. Need more space? No worries! The Spy Pen comes with a 32GB memory microSD Card included.

Spy Pen in Pocket

Relive your secret missions by connecting the SpyPen to your TV for instant playback. With a battery lasting 5.5 hours, you’re always ready for any undercover operation.

Ready to uncover the possibilities? Get your Spy Pen now and turn every moment into a mission.

Package Include:

  • Spy Pen Camera x 1
  • AV Cable x 1
  • User Manual

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5 /5
Based on 1 rating

Reviewed by 1 user

    • 7 months ago

    I love it!

    Honestly what a genius idea, no one was suspecting that I was recording a prank video at all

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